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Garden Sprinkler System By New Jersey Irrigation Services


New Jersey Irrigation is a full service lawn and garden sprinkler company dedicated to water conservation by using new technology and design practices which follow today’s strict conservation regulations. Our work includes commercial and residential sites as well parks, playgrounds, and athletic fields.

Did you know that an automatic sprinkler system uses less water than a single lawn sprinkler? Not only are sprinkler systems more efficient, they are more convenient. New Irrigation can custom design an automatic sprinkler system tailored to your landscape needs.

We design each irrigation system to fit your landscape, by using techniques such as head to head coverage and matching precipitation rates of each sprinkler head. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your sprinkler system remains at its peak performance.


We are specialists in installing the best garden and lawn sprinkler system of New Jersey. Ensure that your plants are healthy and vibrant by installing a sprinkler system. Give your yard a full and fresh look with the help of a quality sprinkler system.


  • Is environment friendly.
  • It is cost friendly and helps in lowering the bill.
  • To expand customer clientele.
  • It adds value to your home .
  • It prevents fermentation of fungi in stagnant water.
  • It prevents over/under watering.
Advanced drainage systems in New Jersey

Key Benefits

Improving land health.
It adds to the appearance of the garden.
Right amount of water is given to the plant.
It reduces your time working in the garden.
Automated sprinklers eliminate the need of hiring someone for external help.
Plants would grow greener and faster.


Garden and Lawn Sprinkler is one of the most premium garden sprinkler companies in New Jersey. Discover a range of irrigation solutions for all terrain types.
We make your property more luxurious and valuable. Each step here is taken to maximize the value of investment done. We aim at providing you an elite experience thereby giving you an immense peace of mind.

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