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Do you struggle with moisture and water getting into your basement? If you want to enjoy a dry basement, you may need a new drainage system. New Jersey Irrigation is your local specialist in drainage systems. We know that whether you use your basement as storage space or it’s been refinished, moisture is a common and frustrating problem. However, with the proper tools and techniques, you can get rid of this difficult problem.

Our family run business specialize in drainage systems for basements. Drainage systems are long term solutions that can be paired with other changes to your basement such as waterproofing for maximum results. However, drainage systems can be very effective on their own as well. How does it work? Basically, we work to change your drainage system on your property so that water doesn’t pool or enter your basement area. Instead, we ensure that the water is drawn away to other areas of your property where it can safely flow away. In other cases, we install an actual drain in an area of your basement to get rid of any water that may find its way into your basement.

Some common drainage systems for basements include French drainage systems, sump pumps and simple floor drains. Depending on the water problems you’re experiencing and your goals, we’ll be happy to recommend the best solution.


We at New Jersey Lawn drainage system specialize in installing customized drains. We provide and extensive assortment of services like:


  • Advanced drainage systems in New Jersey
  • Basement drainage system in New Jersey
  • Deck drainage system in New Jersey
  • Advanced drainage system help in water conservation for future use.
  • Provides facilities to reuse stormwater.
  • Interior basement drainage system in New Jersey
  • Rainwater drainage system in New Jersey
  • To reduce danger from flood water.
  • Ensure piped drains have capacity to pull through storm events.
  • It maintains the groundwater table level.
Advanced drainage systems in New Jersey

Key Benefits

It improves and sanitary health condition.
Improves anchorage and water lodging.
Favours growth of soil microorganism for better mineralization.
Improves soil structure and reduce soil erosion.
Promotes leaching and reduce water logging.


At this moment in time we are one of the most superior Drainage system companies in New Jersey. We provide drainage solution for every kind of dwelling place. We make your property more luxurious and valuable. Each step here, is taken to maximize the value of investment done. We aim at making your experience easy and reliable with our top-notch services in New Jersey.

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