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Winterize Sprinkler System New Jersey

Winter Temperatures

Winter temperatures can be really low, but you also need to bear in mind your sprinklers in addition to yourself and your pets. Any remaining water in your sprinkler system will freeze in New Jersey due to the bitterly cold winters. Ice that has expanded due to frozen water will rupture and burst your pipes.

If you don't want to have to shell out money to replace your sprinkler system every spring, winterizing it should be a crucial part of your annual routine. Numerous sprinkler systems all around New Jersey have been winterized by the team at New Jersey Irrigation. Give us a call, and we'll be pleased to visit and properly winterize your sprinkler system.

How to Prepare Your Sprinkler System for Winter


Are you thinking of going the DIY route to cut costs? If so, it's crucial to understand what kind of irrigation system you have before deciding whether to use an automatic drain, a manual drain, or a blowout. Choose the blowout method if you are unsure of the type of your irrigation system.

The blowout approach consists of 5 steps:

  • At the main valve, close the sprinklers' water supply.
  • Your sprinkler system should be connected to a low-pressure air compressor.
  • Keep any air pressure away from your backflow prevention device.
  • Your sprinkler system's zones should be blown out for two minutes each to force them to discharge any water that may be trapped in the pipes.

Why You Need Expert Advice

DIY projects are dangerous and call for tools that you most likely don't have. It may be preferable to hire a team of experts unless you are prepared to invest in equipment to winterize your sprinkler system and believe you can do it flawlessly every year. Why?

A sprinkler system that hasn't been fully winterized can be very expensive if it's not done correctly. Your sprinkler system's broken pipes will need to be fixed or replaced.

You Need the Right Timing: If you do it yourself, it can take you a few days or weeks of planning and procure the necessary equipment. A professional team can be booked to arrive as soon as you need them. The weather can already be too cold and your sprinkler system might already be destroyed if you wait too long. We advise October or November for New Jersey.

In New Jersey, we can assist with irrigation system winterization. All of your demands for shutting down, blowing out, draining, insulating, and winterizing can be met by our winterization professionals.

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